Divorce Mediation

With Salice Mediation it’s a win-win for everyone involved

No one goes into a marriage wanting it to fail. However, sometimes relationships can fade and become irreconcilable. A divorce is often a difficult time for all the parties involved and one that should not be dealt with alone.

With a background in  family law, Ms. Salice knows the intricacies of the law and what legal forms are necessary to avoid court intervention.  This allows her to guide the parties more than a non-family law mediator with filing directly with the court; avoiding further legal fees.

She knows how to hear both sides, and have the parties understand the opposing side. Her patience and detailed explanations of the process help  maintain a stress-free environment.

Intellectual Property

Although recognized for her divorce mediation, Ms. Salice conducts all types of mediation. Ms. Salice’s background is in intellectual property, so she truly
understands the concepts and intricacies intellectual property entails, which leads to a smoother mediation.

Civil Disputes

Neighbor disputes? Court appointed mediation?  With court mediation experience in Long Beach, CA, Ms. Salice can guide you through your civil-dispute as a mediator that listens to your individual needs.

Successful Mediations

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What happens during Mediation?

What You Should Know

Divorce mediation works for parties who can communicate enough, with the help of a neutral person (Ms. Salice) for a more efficient resolve.

Hiring counsel may be expensive and more adversarial than you are willing to partake in.  A divorce or any legal dispute takes an emotional toll and a third party neutral, such as Danielle G. Salice, can guide you through the process smoothly.

Overall, a mediation is where a neutral third party, Ms. Salice, sits down with you and the other party, listens to what each party has to say; truly hears each person, and helps the parties resolve their case together.  The goal is to draft a stipulated agreement that can be submitted directly to the court, to avoid costly court intervention.   Most important is the parties have full control over the terms of their settlement agreement.


Optimize Your Time

Mediation gives you control of the timeline of your divorce without needing to go to court.

Results Oriented

Mediation allows you to draft your own settlement agreement, without interference by the courts. Salice Law will handle the complexities of the legal system.

Be Less Emotionally Charged

Divorce does not have to be a stressful, intense fight. Mediation is a more amicable, less emotional option than litigation. You and your significant other do not have to be opponents as you otherwise would in a lawsuit.

You’re in Charge of Your Results

Since you know your history better than anyone, you should be the one to decide how it turns out. You and the other party, with the help of Ms. Salice, come up with your own drafted agreement that you can submit directly to court.

Savings $

Mediation can be cost effective since you will spend less time negotiating outside of court, less time arguing in court and less time having your attorneys arguing your case. You will spend at a minimum one day, which can be split in half-days for your convenience, negotiating and drafting your own settlement agreement.


Mediation is completely confidential. You will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement to begin mediating to ensure that. Anything you say to your mediator, during caucus is also confidential and not repeated to the other side, just like attorney-client privilege.